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The Rimini Waterfront Park is an ambitious project to enhance the whole “waterfront system” through the reorganisation of tourism activities and facilities, integrating them into a dense, high quality green infrastructure.

Tintori waterfront, Spadazzi waterfront and Fellini park are the first three areas of intervention which constitute the “head” and “tail” of the overall redevelopment of the Rimini Seafront.

A project yet to be finished, but distinctive for the considered and sensible combination of design and proposed solutions capable of creating a true urban infrastructure for the Waterfront Park of Rimini.

The redevelopment aims to introduce a fully pedestrianised area, to create a new landscape between the city and the sea, and to create a comfortable environment with green areas.

At the heart of the intervention, Fellini Park stands on the grounds of the ancient Kursaal and sits opposite the Grand Hotel of Rimini made famous by Federico Fellini in the film “Amarcord”.

The project enhances the axis towards the sea with a spectacular water spray fountain.


The pine trees cast their Mediterranean shadow on the renovated walkways made of a combination between limestone and wooden deck that, rising from the ground, allow for sitting and resting areas.

The waterfront project is characterised by a wide walkway flanked by vertical wooden posts, which carve out shady islands, called sardines, filled with high qualify trees and shrubs.

The waterfront redevelopment aims to create a new landscape that sits between the city and the sea, which redefines a new true public space freeing the waterfront from the presence of vehicular traffic.

The intervention is characterised by a strong visual and physical permeability towards the sea to restore a naturalness to the urban environment with the recovery and regeneration of the spaces.

The new limit between the city and the sea is inspired by marine elements with its soft and flowing shapes.


Landscape Architect


Waterfront of Rimini – Fellini Park, Tintori Waterfront, Spadazzi Waterfront

Municipality of Rimini


2017 – 2020


Project design, Executive design


Fellini park 20.000 mq / Tintori Waterfront 10.000 mq
Spadazzi Waterfront 10.000 mq


Municipality of Rimini


Arch. e Paes. Egizia Gasparini (Capogruppo), Arch. Mauro Traverso, Arch. Valentina Dallaturca, Arch. Matteo Rocca, Agr. Ettore Zauli, Ing. Andrea Guerra, Ing. Marco Pietro Ruggieri

Arch. Cinzia Castellaro, Paes. Chiara Maffezzoni, Arch. Licia di Tommaso, Arch. Irene Misurale, Arch. Barbara Ferrero


Construction site commenced September 2019


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