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The project implements a decisive urban redevelopment of the western peripheral areas of the city of Savona. Taking advantage of the potential of such places, like the beauty and wideness of the beach and the presence of historic villas, it creates a strong tourist attraction and lays the foundations for an economic-social revitalization of a significant part of the city.

The proposed interventions can become the turning point for subsequent redevelopment and renewal interventions that will lead to the enhancement of the sea-side, the improvement of the environmental quality, the improvement of safety and social cohesion for citizens, the improvement of the image of access to the city, the creation of a polarity for tourist attractions of quality, the reuse and refunctionalization of abandoned areas and existing structures, and the strengthening of urban and local services.

The site of intervention consists of two areas: the axis of via Nizza and the area directly overlooking the beach, separated from each other by low quality residential buildings and temporary buildings.

The project foresees new connections, transforms the two areas and enhances one of the widest and most beautiful Ligurian beaches. A strong design choice is needed for the creation of a system for a slow use of spaces, limiting the importance of cars and favouring pedestrians and cyclists by implementing sustainable mobility.

The inclusion of green areas along via Nizza is one of the main characteristics of the project and leads to the creation of a continuous linear park developed along the entire road axis.

The new deck walk becomes a place to stroll or have a break, but also provides easy access to the beach that is quite difficult at the moment.

The project creates a system of spaces used for walks overlooking the sea. They are slightly elevated in order to not interfere with the natural oscillations of the sand due to storm surges.


Landscape Architect




Waterfront of Savona: urban redevelopment of via Nizza and the coastal promenade

City of Savona




50.000 sqm, 3 km of linear development


Municipality of Savona


Competition (awarded 1st prize) Design Feasibility + cost study, Project design, Executive design, CSP, Site direction


Arch. e Paes Egizia Gasparini (Capogruppo), Arch. Mauro Traverso, Ing. Paolo Gaggero, Agr. Ettore Zauli, Ing. Andrea Guerra, Ing. Carlo Richero, Geol. Marcello Brancucci
Arch. Cinzia Castellaro, Paes. Caterina Tamagno, Paes. Chiara Maffezzoni, Arch. Barbara Ferrari, Arch. Licia Di Tommaso, Arch. Sebastiano Amore, Arch. Andrea Porelli


Completion of lot 1 and 2, start of work on sea promenade