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The redevelopment project of the Tuturano district is part of the “Integrated Urban Regeneration Program” with the aim of regenerating the suburbs, promoted and financed by the Puglia region, through the construction of infrastructure and services to improve the quality of life in the suburbs.

These interventions are aimed at improving the built environment and the reorganisation of public spaces, increasing accessibility and usability of places, reducing the phenomena of isolation of peripheral neighbourhoods, without neglecting environmental aspects and naturalistic and landscape enhancement.

In the case of the Tuturano district, interventions were hypothesized and evaluated for:

• the creation of quality urban green spaces, safe, comfortable and suitable for children to play.
• the pedestrianisation of the urban centre and the redevelopment of the central square with the restoration of the XVI century tower that overlooks the square and improvement of cycling and pedestrian mobility.
• enhancement of the naturalistic, landscape and environmental characteristics of the area.

The interventions identified as priorities which have been implemented are the Restoration of the ‘Torre Sant’Anastasio’ with the redevelopment of the adjacent building overlooking Piazza Regina Margherita, and the creation of the new urban park in the peripheral area between the school and the Carabinieri barracks.

Restoration and redevelopment of ‘Torre Sant’Anastasio’ and ‘Piazza Regina Margherita’.

The intervention led to the restoration and recovery of the ‘Torre Sant’Anastasio’, the adjacent building and the improvement of the square in front.

Piazza Regina Margherita is the heart of Tuturano: it was mainly designed to for the circulation of cars and was no longer used as a resting place.

The project reorganised the space to create a pedestrian square, reintroducing an urban centrality as a meeting place, symbolic of the neighbourhood’s rebirth.

New urban park

The project area of around 10,000 square meters next to the school complex between residential volumes with a small green area in the centre was mainly used for disorderly parking.
The project led to the redevelopment of the area, creating pedestrian zones, green spaces, games areas, and a kiosk for catering. A safe, comfortable, and green pedestrian path now connects school and play areas.

The roadway is restricted to a single lane, pedestrian spaces are paved in limestone and light coloured architectural concrete to improve the microclimate in the summer season.

This route leads to the tree-lined playground area, equipped for users of various ages.

The green areas are filled with trees, shrubs, and ground cover plants, which as requested during the participatory planning phase, bring colour to the environment: Jacaranda mimosifolia, Albizia julibrissin, Callistemon citrinus are used.


Landscape Architect


Urban regeneration quartiere Tuturano: ‘Torre sant’anastasio and piazza regina margherita’, Urban park

Quartiere Tuturano Brindisi


2014 -2016


Project design, Executive design, Site direction


Tower and adjacent buildings 250 m2 – Square 250 m2 – Urban Park 10.000 m2


Municipality of Brindisi


Arch. Mauro Traverso (Capogruppo), Arch. Alessandro Baldassari, Arch. e Paes. Egizia Gasparini, Arch. Gabriella Innocenti, Agr. Ettore Zauli

Arch. Cinzia Castellaro, Paes. Silvia Pesce


MELLO s.r.l. (Torre e Piazza) – CO.GE.SE. s.r.l. di Brindisi (Parco urbano)