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The design for the redevelopment of the urban green areas and outer-urban areas of the city of Alghero is comprised of many interventions within a strategic area of high environmental, historical, landscape and naturalistic value.

Different typologies of open spaces make up a single “green system” in which each intervention is a piece of the mosaic: the precious and fragile system of Pinea Maria Pia, the historical park of Manno, the urban park Tarragona, the degraded area of Parco della Stazione and the linear area of Giovanni XXIII Avenue.

The project creates a “green system” of high quality spaces through the integration of new functions aimed at a wider usability for citizens and tourists together with a careful selection of plants.

Pineta Maria Pia is a very particular and precious environment: a wet sandy area profoundly transformed in the thirties by the construction of the coastal road, the planting of a new pine forest and the transformation of the inner lands into agricultural lots.

The following decades saw a rapid and uncontrolled tourist development: at the time of the intervention, the state of dilapidation was mostly due to excessive occupation. The vulnerability of the sand dune environment was evident by with numerous gaps in the dunes and the progressive depletion in the direction of the Pinewood behind.

The new project was developed in view of the environmental, functional and landscape redevelopment of the pine forest and the dune environment, combining the natural protection of the complex with eco-friendly and eco-conscious uses. The redevelopment involved the re-naturalization of the vast dune area and the protection works to ensure its safety and correct use.

Parco Manno is located in the centre of the city, near the promenade, adjacent to the historic centre of Alghero. The restoration project of the historic park has given new life to the area and enriched the park with the creation of a botanical garden.

Parco Tarragona is an urban park with a mature tree canopy spread over the entire area. The existing trees define the green backbone of the park, which has been completely revised from the functional and distribution point of view.

The new additions in the green areas have been carried out with particular attention to interspecific and intraspecific biodiversity. Introducing many new shrubs to frame and enhance the existing tree stock has allowed us to characterise and aesthetically define the different functional areas.

The new green square in Piazza della Stazione now connects two previously separated urban areas, the project weaves through the old context with floral areas, the water fountain, the new building for social gatherings and the historic churchyard.

Giovanni XXIII Avenue, the important artery that runs through Alghero from south-east to north-west, has been transformed into a pleasant tree-lined avenue with the introduction of new trees and vegetation.


Landscape Architect


Recovery of the urban green areas of Alghero city





Project design, Executive design, Site direction


217.000 mq


Municipality of Alghero


Dott. Francesco Decembrini, Arch. Alessandro Ferrari, Arch. Giorgio Ceola, Arch. Giampiero


Arch. Mauro Traverso, Arch. Gabriella Innocenti, Agr. Ettore Zauli