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This proposal of the Italian Pavilion proposes a dynamic entity in which the architectural structure and contents metaphorically narrate the Italian cultural identity through three guidelines: Architecture, Nature, and Technology.
These accompany visitors in an emotional, tactile, and visual journey combining aesthetic and functional codes with those of innovation and sustainability.

The Pavilion is characterised by a longitudinal volume slightly rotated with respect to the site, composed of two elements: an architectural base, which contains the main functions and services, and a transparent structure, made of wire mesh, with an iconic and climatic function, which creates the shading of the pavilion’s open spaces.

The base structure rises gradually in height defining a shell that p the garden, making it visible only partially from the outside, and placing itself below the majestic transparent structures that evoke the environments and vaults of Italian courtyards and palaces.


The fusion between the solid base and the light element above gives life to the great central spaces – the Prologue and the Piazza which, encompassed by water and gardens, key elements of the great tradition of the Italian Gardens, constitute the evocative and functional fulcrum of the project.

While the overall volume shaped by man is clearly visible from the outside, inside the architectural lines disappear completely, covered by vegetation, water, wire mesh and glass, which create an encompassing and suspense environment.


The transparent architecture is pure structural essence, expressed through the lightness of the material and the use of Italian architectural archetypes, the base is its opaque imprint. The two elements are complementary as one is the negative of the other. The stratification between transparent, physical elements and vegetation suggests a sort of ruin of memory that refers to the continuous synthesis of the past as the deep root of our contemporary making.

The Pavilion is a symphonic place in which nature and architecture interrelate – following the original definition of a garden – composing a formal and geometric space: it is within the transparent architecture that vegetation develops and takes shape.


The metal mesh structure determines the reading of the space within a single story in which the two worlds blend elegantly.




The Italian Pavillion – Dubai EXPO 2020

Dubai – UAE




4750 mq




Edoardo Tresoldi, Studio Costa Architecture, Emanuele Donadel, Studio IDEAM, Progettando srl, Studio Tecnico Ing. Gaetano Farella, Ing. Leo Francesco


Arch. Mauro Traverso,Arch. Egizia Gasparini, Arch. Matteo Rocca, Arch. Valentina Dallaturca, Agr. Ettore Zauli

Jacopo Battistini, Mattia Leonardi, Arch. Chiara Mafezzoni, Jorge Mosquera


Competition – Awarded Third Place