totFounded in 2004 by architects Enrico A. Dodi (Milan, Italy), Egizia Gasparini and Mauro Traverso (Genoa, Italy) together with Graham Moss (London, UK, 1942-2008), Dodi Moss is an engineering and architectural firm registered in Italy with headquarters in Genoa and a branch office in Pisa. Dodi Moss operates in several different fields, such as architectural design, masterplanning and urban planning, urban regeneration, landscape design, restoration of historic buildings and sites, structural design, infrastructure design, environmental, geological and geotechnical strategy. In all its projects Dodi Moss focuses on environmental sustainability, energy saving and the use of renewable energies.

Dodi Moss is formed by 17 partners covering all aspects of the firmÕs business. The diversity of their skills and expertise, along with their creative, enthusiastic personalities, enquiring minds and creative flair is what makes Dodi Moss an innovative, comprehensive and highly adaptable professional structure. Parteners are:

Architect                       Mauro Traverso,
President and Technical Director
Architect                      Alessandro Baldassari
Geologist                     Marcello Brancucci
Architect                       Camilla Cervetto
Architect                       Valentina Dallaturca
Architect                       Enrico Alessandro Dodi
Civil Engineer             Paolo Gaggero
Architect                       Egizia Gasparini
Civil Engineer             Andrea Guerra
Architect                       Gabriella Innocenti
Naturalist                     Fabrizio Oneto
Naturalist                     Dario Ottonello
Civil Engineer             Carlo Richero
Civil Engineer              Marco Pietro Ruggieri
Civil Engineer             Mauro Sassu
Quantity Surveyor    Edoardo Villa
Agronomist                  Ettore Zauli

Dodi Moss has the ability to perform assignments, especially complex, in the following fields:Architectural design, with special focus on public buildings and spaces.

  • Landscape and green areas design: parks, gardens and public spaces, historic parks and garden restorations, green areas plans, sports areas, playgrounds, street furniture.
  • Restoration of historical buildings and sites, heritage conservation and development.
  • Structural design and construction supervision.
  • Technological systems design, focusing on sustainability, low energy consumption and use of renewable energies.
  • Strategic planning, master-planning, urban planning and detailed urban plans.
  • Urban regeneration, plans for the re-use of abandoned areas, industrial sites and quarries.
  • Waterfronts, marine and hydraulic engineering.
  • Environmental conservation and regeneration plans, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental permit application, Strategic environmental assessment, Environmental risk.
  • Geology, geotechnics and soil mechanics engineering. Site investigation and analysis.
  • Hydrological and seismic studies for civil engineering and territorial plans.
  • Project and construction management, site and work supervision.
  • Health & Safety Coordination