Waterfront Regina Margherita

REGENERATION OF THE REGINA MARGHERITA WATERFRONT AND RESTORATION OF THE PORT DOCKS NAMED DOGANA, CENTRALE, MONTENEGRO, SCIABICHE AND DE REVEL The redevelopment project of the Regina Margherita waterfont represents the recovery of an area of 13,000 square meters in front of the old town. The new urban design, the arrangement of the pavement, lighting, vegetation and the furniture, give the area a uniform and elegant character, characterized by the simplicity and the use of natural materials such as stone and wood. The promenade now hosts a spectacular row of palm trees planted along a ribbon of stone paving enhanced by LED lights. This string stops in front of the Virgil staircase, where the open space becomes unitary, and ends in the square outside Montenegro Palace, where a wooden deck draws a shaded square jutting towards the sea. Along the row of palm trees, a narrow strip faces the sea with a line of items of street furniture, leaving as much pedestrian space as possible.The new pavement was built by retrieving all segments of the existing pavement stones, white limestone and black volcanic stone. The tree-lined square that closes the walk towards west was paved with wooden deck and offers spacious seatings integrated into the architectural design. The totem of the “Path of Remembrance” in silkscreen-printed glass and stone, accompanies the walk, providing historical information. Client: Municipality of Brindisi Chronology: Realized in 2013 Performance: Preliminary, definitive and executive projects, construction and safety supervision Project team: Dodi Moss srl with Acquatecno srl, Ing. M.Maldari, Ing. A.Maldari, AD Project. Work value: 8.577.378.13 USD Dodi Moss’s share: Preliminary project 22,10% – Detailed project 33,33% – Executive project 50% – Construction architectural supervision 8% reg-mar-full reg-mar-pics01 reg-mar-pics02