The cure of Landscape @ IFLA 2016 World Congress

April 2016 – During the 53rd IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects) 2016 World Congress in Turin, our new member Arch. Valentina Dallaturca presented her personal research on the village of Valbona (RE) The cure of Landscape, from the illusion of legislation to responsible participation.
Tasting the Landscape, was the title chosen for the Congress, intended ro recall the interpretation of the landscape projects as an expression of an enhanced consciousness of the transformation processes and as an opportunity to ameliorate the quality of the places where populations carry out their life. For participants, the Congress constituted a privileged field for confrontation and discussion about the dimension of the peri-urban landscape, areas where different practices, lifestyles and forms of change meet and collide.
Starting from this platform of general direction, the 53rd International IFLA Congress was structured according to four specific lines of thematic investigation: Sharing Landscape, Connected Landscape, Layered Landscape and Inspiring Landscape.